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Rocket Factory Augsburg (RFA) seeks to provide precise, frequent and low-cost access to space. To this end, we are developing the most powerful rocket for payloads up to 1,300kg.

About us

Rocket Factory Augsburg was founded in 2018 with the vision to enable data generating business models in space to better monitor, protect and connect our planet Earth.

Against this background, the company’s goal is to offer launch services of up to 1.300kg into low Earth orbits and beyond on a weekly basis at unmatched prices. With this, RFA wants to democratize access to space and reduce the launch costs in the space industry.

The RFA ONE launch service combines three key competitive advantages: A customer focused service with precise in-orbit delivery and a high degree of mission flexibility through its orbital stage; at a highly competitive price; made possible by superior staged combustion technology, low-cost structures and usage of industrial components.

Rocket Factory Augsburg AG
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Products and Services

RFA ONE is a three-stage launch vehicle capable of delivering up to 1,300 kg to low Earth orbits precisely, cost-effectively and flexibly. It is 30 m high and has a diameter of 2 m.

RFA ONE offers a number of unique advantages: Its orbital stage is capable of placing multiple satellites on different orbits with pinpoint accuracy, offering last-mile-delivery in space. The RFA ONE first and second stages are made of stainless steel and use industrial components making them inexpensive to manufacture and easier and faster to process. They are ideal for serial production. Our Helix engine uses a staged combustion cycle which results in higher engine performance, efficiency and allows RFA ONE to carry 30% more payload and reach higher orbits.

The combination of these factors makes RFA ONE the perfect choice for satellite manufacturers looking to launch their satellites precisely, cost-effectively and flexibly. The first launch will take place from Northern Europe in mid-2023.

RFA ONE is a three-stage launch vehicle capable of deploying up to 1,200 kg to a 700km polar orbit. It is 30m tall and and has a diameter of 2m. The first launch will be from northern Europe. Its Helix staged combustion engine uses a pre-combustion chamber to power the turbopump, whose oxygen-rich exhaust gases are fed into the main combustion chamber. The result is an increase in the engine's performance which allows 30% more payload and the ability to reach higher orbits.

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News & Innovations

RFA successfully hot fires Helix engine for a total of 74 seconds

Launch service provider Rocket Factory Augsburg AG (RFA) successfully tested its Helix engine in flight configuration for a total of 74 seconds.

The test campaign consisted of long-duration hot firings of 30 and 40 seconds each. This was preceded by a short test of four seconds. All three tests were conducted with the same engine, reached the desired duration, and were subsequently shut down safely.

“Helix operated perfectly for a total duration of 74 seconds– including three ignition and shut-down sequences without the need to replace any components on the engine. This first qualification campaign also included up-throttling the engine to 130% of the nominal design point for a brief period.

We are truly excited that our design has proven so reliable and performant”, said Dr. Stefan Brieschenk, the company’s Chief Operating Officer.

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RFA wins 11 million Euros in the DLR microlauncher competition
Berlin, Germany, April 25, 2022 – Rocket Factory Augsburg (RFA) wins the 2022 round of the German Aerospace Center (DLR) microlauncher competition. The prize values 11 million Euros. As a result, the German government will be an anchor customer of RFA ONE. Payload of up to 150kg shall be placed on the first two flights of the RFA ONE. “We are very pleased to have won DLR as an anchor customer and are honored by the confidence the German government is placing in us. We believe that buying services from newly emerging and commercially acting Space Transportation companies is the right direction for European spaceflight”, says Jörn Spurmann, Chief Commercial Officer at RFA. “Launching with us as in the frame of this DLR competition is a unique opportunity for many institutions and new space companies in Germany and we are working full throttle to offer a variety of innovative, reliable and affordable services – on the ground, to-orbit and on-orbit”. Further reading

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